Always Tim Hortons

Th For those that know me Tim Hortons is not my coffee stop. In fact I will usually drive past 5 Timmies to get to a Starbucks – just for black coffee. It's the experience after all.

Today I had to stop at a Timmies – kids were hungry and time was short.

It never ceases to amaze me the sheer volume that a Timmies handles, average spend well under $5 but queues out the door and this one was no exception – it was 12.30 after all.

So in the middle of the lunch time rush this is how Tim Hortons services its customer:

– Two people on the tills taking orders

– Two people manning the drive thorugh

So far so good…….BUT……

– Only one person prepping all the food orders – WHAT??? – major back log.

– Counted at least 5 people in the back not including cooks/chefs – no-one rushing to help

Then suddenly… person comes out. We are saved! …………NOT!

– The person goes to the coffee tin display stand, which is conveniently placed near the door and where the queue is winding around and starts to clean the tins and shelves, completely oblivious to the growing line up – AAARGGGH!

Now where is the nearest Starbucks!

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  • Martin Buckland

    They are all the same, very frustrating! I waited 15 minuts yesterday……yikes
    Perhaps a training opportunity?

  • Jen Koretsky

    Back in the day, I worked at a Taco Bell in the mall. (It was my first job.)
    They would always fill up the registers when it got busy, even if it meant short-staffing the “food” prep in the back.
    The idea was that they would rather have your money and make you wait. Once they took your order, they had your money.
    Corporate worried about the branding. The franchise could care less!