What Every Smartphone Owner Ought To Know About Personal Branding

In recent weeks we have seen two very different brand stories when it comes to the latest smartphones. The launch of the iPhone 7 has been accompanied by all the pre-launch build up that Apple does so well and that leads to increased demand. We have seen images of the ‘Apple Junkies’, who have already […]

Easy Marketing of Brand You Even a Newbie Can Do It

One constant in today’s work world is change. Look at the jobs available now and in the future and the older you are then the more likely they have little relation to what you thought you might be doing when coming out of school. Making yourself a viable candidate in this changing landscape falls to […]

Lessons From Discover Your Personal Brand Conference – The All Star Panel

This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak again at the Discover Your Personal Brand Conference.  DYPB 2016 was different from 2014 in a number of ways. The focus was more toward small business and the caliber of speaker, panels and attendees was awesome. There were many inspiring young Canadians in attendance that really […]

Do you have a face for video?

This week saw the announcement of the roll out of short 30 second video specific content from LinkedIn’s 500 or so Influencers, including the CEO Jeff Weiner. This is a screenshot above of his reply to the question – What is your personal vision statement? and in the comments my reaction. This was part of […]

Will Volunteering Boost Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn?

Adding volunteer experience can be a great way of communicating your personal brand to your professional network. Three benefits to you of being able to see other peoples volunteer experience; You can see who in your industry, voacation or network has similar interests to you. Particularly if you are looking to connect with that person, it is […]

Get Noticed And Appreciated By Your Boss With These 7 Personal Brand Exercises

It is critical to your success that others know about your personal brand and what it stands for, here are 7 ways to help you do that. Jane was a Senior VP at one of the banks. She had been there for 15 years with regular career moves and promotions.  Now she was frustrated because […]

Learn the Fastest Way to Conference Guerrilla Success

Recently I was the keynote speaker at the HR Leaders Conference taking place on a boat on the River Danube in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was a great conference and of course the location was pretty unique! In our time crunched lives and with the option of virtual events, physically attending conferences can be a hard decision. I consider […]

Lead, Be Free, Find Success at Work

If you feel like a square peg in a round hole at the office, like the person who believes collaboration will lead to more success than competition, like people and passion come before transactions, and that your experience at the office can be different, then keep reading. I’ve been invited to join an amazing lineup of experts […]

10 Personal Brand Tactics to Ensure That Next Promotion

30 years ago you were told to expect to work for one employer for life, 20 years ago you were told to plan for extra leisure time because of automation, 10 years ago one quarter of the new jobs being created had never existed previously. Now graduates are told to expect to be back at school every […]

7 Secrets To Making Your Personal Brand Irresistible

My Dad had a huge love of genealogy and, tracked down distant family members, wrote letters and, visited local churches for old records of births, baptism’s marriages and deaths. He did it all the old fashioned way without the internet. His legacy is that I have his handwritten, 42 foot long , family tree. He […]