5 Superbowl Lessons for Your Personal Brand

Companies that ‘invested’ in an ad for this year’s Superbowl were paying $5 million for 30 seconds, that’s over $160,000 per second and then up to an additional 25% was being spent on advertising to promote the advertisement! This great cartoon from Tom Fishburne at Marketoonist.com sums it all up. Check out his previous Superbowl […]

3 Critical Personal Brand Lessons From the Closing of Vine

All Hallows Eve is the time of the year dedicated to remembering the dead. It seems fitting that on Halloween we reflect on the personal brand lessons from the news last week that Twitter will be closing down their 6-second video app Vine. It may have come as a surprise to many of you, however, […]

Lessons From Discover Your Personal Brand Conference – The All Star Panel

This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak again at the Discover Your Personal Brand Conference.  DYPB 2016 was different from 2014 in a number of ways. The focus was more toward small business and the caliber of speaker, panels and attendees was awesome. There were many inspiring young Canadians in attendance that really […]

Are You Ready for the NO Technology Challenge?

In one of his keynotes, social media entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk asks the audience about their watch wearing habits. Of course as you would probably expect most people in the audience, the millennials, under 30 are not wearing a watch, their watch is their smartphone, and camera, and recording device, and computer, and,,,,, and,,,, and,,,,, and……….. […]

Will The Easter Bunny Really Make You Happy?

I  always wonder, as my kids get older, whether Easter and the fun of an egg hunt will lose its charm. Based on a slightly alternative version that my two got involved in on Good Friday, it would appear not. My girlfriend’s family and another family have an annual golf ball hunt,. Their Grandfather started the tradition and they still use […]

The #1 Mistake (Nearly) Everyone Makes on LinkedIn and What to do About It.

If someone is going to search for your name on Google are they going to type in First Name, Last Name and a series of random letters and numbers?  Of course not! Then why do you continue to label your professional profile on LinkedIn this way? What most people do not realize is that you […]

Can you use a negative brand attribute in a fun way to communicate your personal brand? Like the Crabbie Cabbie!

Posted by PaulcopcuttBiz on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Can you use a negative brand attribute in a fun way to communicate your personal brand? Like the Crabbie Cabbie!

Have you ever networked at a campfire?

Posted by PaulcopcuttBiz on Friday, July 24, 2015

What does FREE BEER have to do with your brand?

Posted by PaulcopcuttBiz on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Does FREE really say it all when it comes to getting noticed?