The #1 Mistake (Nearly) Everyone Makes on LinkedIn and What to do About It.

If someone is going to search for your name on Google are they going to type in First Name, Last Name and a series of random letters and numbers?  Of course not! Then why do you continue to label your professional profile on LinkedIn this way? What most people do not realize is that you […]

The JUNOS are an annual award celebration of Canadian music talent. You may not need a red carpet to highlight your own awards but if you have been recognised you need to let others know about it, no-one else is going to do it for you.

Do you make memorable personal brand connections?

  Olympic Winners from Paul Copcutt on Vimeo.  This past two weeks the Olympics has been a great spectacle. Obviously I am a little biased given my UK heritage, but team GB did fantastically as host nation and in the medals.  I loved what the Royal Mail did for each GB gold medal won. Overnight they produced a stamp […]

Everybody’s Got Talent – Are people noticing yours?

Given the plethora of TV shows – everybody's got talent. One of the fun activities at our recent family camp was 'Talent Night'. Whilst it is generally arranged for the children to participate, we could not resist. We ended up delivering a re-worked version of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" based on the camp. We managed […]

What is holding you back from your personal brand?

Through my wife's business I have had the opportunity to be connected to Keith Kochner at for the last few months and have found his teaching exactly what we need in the 21st century. Lots of great content, he is prolific with new insights and learnings – even for someone like me who tends […]

It’s time to play the music, its time to hit the lights – its time to stand by your personal brand

The very public resignation by Greg Smith from Goldman Sachs last week using an op-ed piece in the NewYork Times is not a recommended tactic for your career! Certainly not at the top of your personal brand communications plan! However, what he did was good personal branding. One of the very first exercises that I […]

What’s Love Gotta Do With It? – Your Personal Brand That Is!

  Do you love YOU enough? How often do you take time to reflect on your strengths? I would quite confidently suggest very little. In my work with leaders and employees in Fortune 500 Companies the most under leveraged part of their personal brands are their core strengths. Your core strengths are the things that […]