The Good & Bad About Gwyneth Paltrow’s LinkedIn Profile

Time magazine gushingly reported this week that “Gwyneth Paltrow Has a Seriously Extensive LinkedIn Profile”. But on closer examination her profile may not even reach ‘All Star’ status, which is the ideal minimum that you want your profile to be. You can view her profile by clicking here. There are several good things to notice; Well taken […]

Learn To Personally Brand From The Worlds Greatest Olympians

With the Olympics, the great thing about living in one country and coming from another is I get to cheer for both, because I have double the chance of celebration. Go Canada, Go Great Britain! Having worked with a number of former athletes, the Olympics give me the opportunity to witness great triumphs and disappointments […]

Lessons From Discover Your Personal Brand Conference – The All Star Panel

This past weekend I had the opportunity to speak again at the Discover Your Personal Brand Conference.  DYPB 2016 was different from 2014 in a number of ways. The focus was more toward small business and the caliber of speaker, panels and attendees was awesome. There were many inspiring young Canadians in attendance that really […]

Discover Your Personal Brand 2016 #DYPB16

Last chance to book tickets for #DYPB16 –  TODAY only! Half Price Tickets to #DYPB16 #Toronto Aug 12-13. Buy One Get One Free! #BOGO over 50 experts & speakers on personal branding

Why you can no longer ignore video for your personal brand

How to Hog the LinkedIn Limelight – Bonus Post

If you are still wondering where the Pulse content went on your personal LinkedIn stream then the answer is here in my recent blog post.  There has been a lot of consternation, comments and complaining as to why LinkedIn has made it so difficult to find this now. Publishers on the Pulse platform have also […]

Do you have a face for video?

This week saw the announcement of the roll out of short 30 second video specific content from LinkedIn’s 500 or so Influencers, including the CEO Jeff Weiner. This is a screenshot above of his reply to the question – What is your personal vision statement? and in the comments my reaction. This was part of […]