How Do I Make Sure My Full Profile Is Not Visible To Others Unless They Login To LinkedIn?

LinkedIn profiles can now potentially be seen by others outside of LinkedIn through Outlook. There may be occasion where you do not want your LinkedIn profile to be visible outside of LinkedIn unless someone is logged into the platform. I have recorded a quick instruction video here How do I make sure my full LinkedIn profile […]

3 Must Use Features Inside LinkedIn to Raise Your Personal Brand Visibility

Since the re-launch of its user interface, LinkedIn has been regularly rolling out new features and add on’s to the platform that really helps with increasing engagement and networking, and for LinkedIn’s goal, of keeping users on the platform for longer. Many of these features may not surprise you because you have had the benefit […]

How to Keep Notes About Your LinkedIn Interactions

When Linkedin updated their user interface they did away with a useful Notes tool that attached to each profile along with the ability to tag that person. This is now only available in the higher end premium accounts such as Sales Navigator. A very useful Chrome extension is Dux-Soup – strange name, useful tool. “You […]

Know More About Your LinkedIn Connections Personality

One of the challenges with communications in today’s hyper connected world is that much of it is not done by actually talking to someone and rarely face to face. Many initial exchanges are done via email or text and we do not even know the person, let alone have met them. This ‘lack of connection’ when […]

It’s Time to Share Your LinkedIn Updates With the World

Often, for a variety of reasons, the updates that you post on LinkedIn do not get seen by your network or by others you are not connected to. Sometimes you feel that it would be great if that useful link or report you shared went further and reached people outside of the platform. The good […]

Is It Finally Time to Move Your LinkedIn Profile?

A recent workforce survey by the recruiting firm Spherion found that as many as 85% of workers have some sort of side hustle, earning some form of supplementary income. So the timing of a recent LinkedIn profile update (or rather return) could be good news for many of you.  Making others aware either verbally, with a […]