Discover Your Personal Brand 2016 #DYPB16

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Get Noticed And Appreciated By Your Boss With These 7 Personal Brand Exercises

It is critical to your success that others know about your personal brand and what it stands for, here are 7 ways to help you do that. Jane was a Senior VP at one of the banks. She had been there for 15 years with regular career moves and promotions.  Now she was frustrated because […]

Stop! This Conference Guerrilla Information Could Change Your Life

The following story is an example of how the actions recommended in this series of articles can work for you. Whilst they are intended mostly for longer conferences they can apply and work equally well to one off events. How to be a Conference Guerrilla – Part 1 – Pre-Conference can be read here.  In […]

What the LinkedIn Acquisition by Microsoft Might Mean to You

There had been rumours in the past of LinkedIn seeking strategic partners or an acquirer, with several technology companies being the possible ‘one’.  Yesterday saw the news that the successful one will be Microsoft. My initial thought is I hope this has positive results for many of the areas that LinkedIn seems to be falling short on with […]

Lead, Be Free, Find Success at Work

If you feel like a square peg in a round hole at the office, like the person who believes collaboration will lead to more success than competition, like people and passion come before transactions, and that your experience at the office can be different, then keep reading. I’ve been invited to join an amazing lineup of experts […]

10 Personal Brand Tactics to Ensure That Next Promotion

30 years ago you were told to expect to work for one employer for life, 20 years ago you were told to plan for extra leisure time because of automation, 10 years ago one quarter of the new jobs being created had never existed previously. Now graduates are told to expect to be back at school every […]

Will The Easter Bunny Really Make You Happy?

I  always wonder, as my kids get older, whether Easter and the fun of an egg hunt will lose its charm. Based on a slightly alternative version that my two got involved in on Good Friday, it would appear not. My girlfriend’s family and another family have an annual golf ball hunt,. Their Grandfather started the tradition and they still use […]

How Greening Your Business Can Boost Your Career & Your Values

The #COP21 Climate Change International Conference going on in Paris this week is big news. Hopefully for more than just creating headlines and soundbites. But how can you personally relate to environmental issues to what you on a day to day basis or how this impacts your job? A poll by the job board, found that 81% of Canadians […]

What Do You Think of Stephen Harper’s LinkedIn Profile?

Even with our recent election here in Canada and the continuing barrage of media coverage for the Presidential race down in the US (still a year away!!) I still do not tire of reading about politics. It may be my British upbringing, but I have always been interested in the subject, at local, regional and […]

The #1 Mistake (Nearly) Everyone Makes on LinkedIn and What to do About It.

If someone is going to search for your name on Google are they going to type in First Name, Last Name and a series of random letters and numbers?  Of course not! Then why do you continue to label your professional profile on LinkedIn this way? What most people do not realize is that you […]