The #1 Mistake (Nearly) Everyone Makes on LinkedIn and What to do About It.

If someone is going to search for your name on Google are they going to type in First Name, Last Name and a series of random letters and numbers?  Of course not! Then why do you continue to label your professional profile on LinkedIn this way? What most people do not realize is that you […]

Is your business card a turn on or turn off?

  I have just returned from speaking for the CCCA (the in-house counsel association) at the Canadian Bar Association's conference in beautiful Vancouver. We really could not have picked a better week for weather. Hello to everyone who has joined this e-zine from that event. Like me, you probably find at conferences that you encounter […]

Values List

Identifying your Values       CLICK  FOR VALUES EXERCISE AccessibilityAccomplishmentAccountabilityAccuracyAdaptabilityAdventureAffectionAffluenceAltruismAmbitionAssertivenessBalanceBelongingBraveryCalmnessCelebrityChallengeCharityClarityClevernessComfortCommitmentCompassionCompletionConformityContentmentControlConvictionCooperationCourageCreativityCuriosityDependabilityDeterminationDevotionDignityDirectnessDisciplineDiversityEducation EfficiencyEleganceEmpathyEnduranceEnthusiasmExcellenceExperienceExpertiseFairnessFaithFameFamilyFidelityFitnessFlexibilityFrugalityFunGenerosityGraceGratitudeGrowthHarmonyHealthHonestyHonorHumorImaginationImpactIndependenceIntegrityIntelligenceJusticeKindnessKnowledgeLeadershipLearningLoveLoyaltyMindfulnessModesty OptimismOriginalityPassionPeacePerfectionPerseverancePersuasivenessPowerPrecisionProfessionalismProsperityPunctualityRealismRecognitionRelaxationReliabilityResourcefulnessRespectSecuritySelf-controlSensitivitySignificanceSinceritySpeedSpiritualitySpontaneityStabilityStrengthStructureSuccessSupportSympathyTeamworkUnderstandingVirtueVisionWealthWinningWisdomZeal

Values Exercise

Values Exercise – 3 steps to truly living your brand Why we should consider our values.Your values are effectively your moral compass, they guide and direct you in all your decisions – good and bad, they are with you all the time and are the basis of your belief system. Being clear about what your […]