How Women Can Change Their Name AND Maintain Their Personal Brand

The older tradition of changing your name after marriage is not one that is so readily followed today, probably for a number of reasons.   I have had a number of clients who have successfully built their professional reputations under their maiden name and kept that professionally after marriage. Using their married name in more […]

Your networking is confusing me. Am I missing something or has the train left the station?

The recent news that Bombardier (the Canadian transportation company) had a strategy around it's business development and lobbying activity should come as no surprise. In fact I was astounded that the tone of the Globe & Mail article and certain commentators seemed to perceive this as somewhat deceitful. The particular business activity that was being […]

What is your personal brand U.S.P. ?

I had the pleasure of attending a recent women’s entrepreneur lunch at the McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton. It included a Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank style pitch by 4 local women run businesses in competition for some services and prizes to help them with their development and growth. The panel was made up of […]