Congratulations on your new job – NOT!

Just came across a new branding blog Dim Bulb by Jonathan Salem Baskin, author of Branding Only Works on Cattle and saw this post today - a memo to Mark Snyder the new VP- Chief Marketing Officer at K-Mart congratulating him on his new job.

Whilst humorous (and biting) it still makes some very important points about the changing landscape for branding - and made me think equally about how that impacts personal branding and managing your career.

  • Focus - it's no longer about touchpoints, get out there and find where the hiring managers form, make and actually hire - forget the traditional apporaches to finding a job
  • Living - find organizations where everyone is really living the culture and values that are a fit for you, not just paying lip service to some mission statement that means nothing and they have not had a say in creating and developing
  • Influencing - working for organizations where that brand extends beyond its own walls (virtual or otherwise) and makes a difference to all that it touches - suppliers, customers, community.

Make sense?

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