Finally – How to See What Your Connections Are Saying on LinkedIn

The recent re-design of LinkedIn had left many users frustrated with what was showing up in their newsfeed, or rather what was NOT showing up. I previously shared two ways to get to see more of what you wanted with;

3 Ways To Get Back Control of What You See on LinkedIn


How to Unclog Your Linkedin Newsfeed

Finally, the newsfeed control feature I have been waiting for has returned,  viewing most Recent updates.

The default on your newsfeed is that you will see the Top updates, i.e. those that LinkedIn deems are more popular and interesting.  The problem with this is that you may never get to see what your network has most recently been sharing.  Now you can.

  1. Login into your Linkedin account.
  2. Go to the top right-hand corner of your newsfeed, just below the empty Share an article, photo, or update box.
  3. Look for the 'Sort by' wording and click on the down black triangle and click Recent.

You will now see the most recent updates, posts, and shares from your connections and those you are following.

Unfortunately, Linkedin deems it not necessary to give you the opportunity to make this the default, so if you prefer to see most Recent everytime you will have to do these actions each time you come back to your home feed.

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