Oh Canada!



When I arrived in Canada, 18 years ago today, I did not expect to ever embark on an entrepreneurial journey and roller coaster of life, but would I change it - probably not much of it.  Today is Canada Day here and I am grateful for many things that my now adopted home and native land has offered me;

  • C- Children - Two wonderful children and true, caring and loving Canadians.
  • A - Appreciation - An appreciation of a diverse nation and such rich multi-culture.
  • N - New - New people and opportunities that present themselves everyday.
  • A - Acceptance - Accepting of all races, genders, and choices.
  • D - Diplomacy - A nation that is sometimes derided for apologising, but really is looking for the right solution.
  • A -  Anthem - Passion for this vast country and proud to call it home.

Thank you Canada. Thank you Canadians. Happy Canada Day!

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