Personal Brand Training


Do you want to work on developing and improving your personal brand?

Then you need The Personal Brand Masterplan – Hear what Keith Ferrazzi, author of New York Times Bestsellers “Never Eat Alone” and “Who’s Got Your Back” has to say about our personal branding courses;

The Personal Brand Masterplan is a comprehensive step by step program that takes you through the entire personal branding process, from building your foundation right through to communicating and living your personal brand effectively. There are exercises to do along the way and depending on the level that you decide to work at peer support and coaching from a personal brand expert.

The options are:

  • The Personal Brand Masterplan – E-Manual – this is a downloaded PDF version that you can either choose to work with electronically or print off a copy and write in the exercises.


  • The Personal Brand Masterplan Self-Study – again the downloaded PDF version but accompanied with audio and video lessons that you can watch and study at your own pace. Also comes with e-mail support.


You choose the method that suits your learning style and budget.

Training Options