Personal Brand Snapshot


Answer the following questions about how you are handling the management of your personal brand; 

▢ 1. Do you know where you are going in both life and career, do you work on your Vision and Goals that will set you a clear path and focus?

▢ 2. Do you know and understand your strengths and how these can be used to your benefit in differentiating yourself in the job market, in your career of with your business?

▢ 3. Have you sought the feedback and input of others about how is your brand perceived. Is there consistency across all groups?

▢ 4. Can you clearly state who is your target audience from an industry standpoint but also from an individual – do you know who do you need to talk to and influence
and where are those people likely to gather?

▢ 5. Do you know who else and what else might be competing for the same job, promotion or piece of business. Do you know what is similar about them and
also identify why you are different and how you can positively standout?

▢ 6. Do you have different marketing pieces that in reading them it becomes obvious what you are worth and the value you offer?

▢ 7. Do you have a longer personal brand statement or elevator pitch that can be used in various situations and opportunities – one for 15 seconds, one
for 45 seconds and one that can be used in written communications and online profiles?

▢ 8. Do you have a brand identity that projects the right, consistent image both physically but also in terms of font, colour, business cards, thank you notes, voicemail messages etc?

▢ 9. Can you can best communicate your message so that it is relevant for your target audience but also how and what do you feel comfortable in delivering?

▢ 10. Have key content themes for all communication so they provide a strong and consistent message in a few avenues versus the scatter gun approach?

▢ 11. Are you clear about who you are, what you offer and why you are different? Do you know what is on brand and off brand for you and concentrate on the on brand actions?

▢ 12. Do you avoid actions that can dilute your brand, are you consistent with your approach and message?

▢ 13. Are you in front of your audience constantly?, It takes 7 touches or exposures to catch someone’s attention, are you front of mind for your target audience?

▢ 14. Do you never miss an opportunity to connect your brand to the last experience. After a meeting do you send a thank you that is on brand, do you meet people in places that are on brand for you?

▢ 15. Have you identified all of the possible things to include in your brand environment and make a plan to get them all on brand?

▢ 16. Do you continually nurture and develop your network, your professional contacts as an extension of your brand?

▢ 17. Is your brand always evolving, are you on top of its development and refinement?

▢ 18. Are you building your on line brand with passion. Do you place intelligent and valuable comments in online forums, on blogs, at book reviews?

▢ 19. Have you Googled yourself in the last 30 days?

▢ 20. Have you conducted an annual review and measurement of your brand strength and compared the state of your brand now to where it was 12 months ago?


Total up the number of COMPLETE Yes answers.

15-20 - You are doing great personal brand management. You might just need our Personal Brand Audit  offering to identify your uniqueness or be looking to brand your LinkedIn profile

10-15 - A few tweaks and additions and you will be up there with the best of us. Inukshuk - Insight & Implement might be all you need.

5-10 - Its OK but some work is needed here and you are probably not getting noticed enough. Catalyst - Brand & Build is a good choice.

Less than 5 - We need to talk, seriously. You are missing opportunities, are running blind and need our full personal brand package Bespoke - Design & Deliver.


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