Seven Facts About Me (that maybe viewed as weird or at least unusual)

Girl  I have just been tagged by a fellow career professional Chandlee Bryan over at The Emerging Professional to share on my blog 7 Facts About Me and then tag 7 fellow bloggers to do the same.

1. Going to an all boys high school meant that when someone had to play the lead lady in a school play there were very few hands going up - press ganged in to the role springs to mind (hence the photo above - yes that is me!)

2. I always play a selection of late 70's early 80's punk music before I do a speaking gig and I am getting set up - puts me in the right frame of mind!

3. For 5 years I sold medical devices and worked in biotech with no science qualifications - I had an 'E' grade average and my biology teacher had me labelled as an idiot!

4. Living in Canada means long winters - I cannot ski or skate and the closest I get to ice hockey is Hockey Night in Canada on a Saturday night if there really is nothing else to watch (like paint dry). Remind me why I moved here?

5. I am a Leyton Orient fan (this even came up as a weakness in my 360 Reach personal brand assessment!)

6. Being a Brit pretty much means you are a chocaholic - except I like white chocolate which my wife tells me is not real chocolate.

7. I like to offer advice and information on various on line media - and always sign off "Just my toonies worth" - here in Canada we have a one dollar coin called a loonie and a two dollar one nicknamed a toonie - well where does a cents worth get you nowadays??!!

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