Personal Brand Snapshot


Yogi Berra once said "If you don't know where you are going you will end up some place else!"  The same applies for your personal brand.  You first need to know where your personal brand currently stands.

Then you must consistently and constantly measure your progress towards the goals that you have for your personal brand.  Is your brand helping you to achieve your goals or is it holding you back? Is your brand stronger this year than last?

Download the Personal Brand Snapshot Checklist by clicking here

When you have your score, answer the following 3 questions;


  • Do you have a plan describing how you would like to see your brand evolve (i.e. expand your personal offerings, strengthen certain brand attributes, etc.)?
  • Do you know what the next step in the evolution of your brand is?
  • Have you set a date for when you’re going to take that step in your brand evolution?

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