Finding Your Rebel Voice – Workbook

7 Key Strategies to Connecting With Who You Are

Finding Your Rebel Voice

7 Key Strategies to Connecting With Who You Are

An individual’s guide and workbook to identifying with your personal brand and authentically standing out

You may have come across the term personal branding, but there are many interpretations as to what personal branding is and the length and depth that brand strategist and others work with clients vary considerably.

I have a FREE workbook that explains the importance of following a logical series of steps in building a personal brand. All too often I am working with clients who have been ‘branded’ only to find that they have no true connection or relation between who they really are and the brand that has been created for them. The two are intertwined and are inseparable, you cannot develop and refine a strong personal brand without spending time defining who you are, what you stand for and what drives you – that foundation becomes the cornerstone of your brand. You can download the workbook for FREE - just click here.

It is predominantly aimed at the professional or executive who is looking to make a career move – which might be internally where they currently work or taking themselves externally into the job market. Take time to complete the exercises for greater learning. The tips and insights are equally applicable to people at all levels and stages of their careers from school leavers to the semi-retired and from junior workers to C-level. Also, the personal branding approach and outcomes can be adapted and work very successfully with the self-employed and small business owner. After all, they do not have the budgets of large corporations and have to be creative in the tactics they use to get their message out there. As well many times the brand of the company is stamped with the personality of the owner – the personal brand is the company brand. I trust that you find the information useful to you, your career or business and in discussions with others.

It is not intended as a replacement to working with a professional brand strategist who can tailor the work they do to your specific situation, but more as a starting point to what I hope will be a journey of discovery for you that results in your achieving all that you want to. If you find it useful, please send others here so they can download their own copy too.

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