Rebel Voice Starter Kit

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The Personal Brand Starter Kit: Five Valuable Exercises & Assessments

I put together this very cool Starter Kit to give you immediate ideas for finding your Rebel Voice. Based on my 10+ years of experience of helping Executives, Entrepreneurs & Professionals with their personal brands, it gives you hands-on ideas and tools that just might make a difference (but only if you read them and do something with them).

- EvaluYOUation - One of the key exercises in establishing and understanding your core personal brand foundation

- 360 Personal Brand Assessment - This assessment helps you understand how others perceive as your personal brand and how are you communicating it.

- Strengths - This assessment looks at identifying the top 5 things you are really good at and should be spending 80% of your time doing.

C - Passions - An exercise to really get clear on true passions and consider incorporating more of this in to what you do every day.

- Elevator Speech - The traditional 30 second elevator pitch may not be the best approach, some alternative options for the modern day.

There's nothing theoretical or speculative in these assessments or exercises. This is the real stuff, based on years of experience in working with thousands of people (most of whom avoided trying to stand out ). Take the assessments, do the exercises and give some of the ideas a try.

Just click on the links above and it will take you directly to the details about the relevant exercise or assessment. 


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