The 12 Days of Personal Branding – Day 1


On the first day of Christmas my brand strategist advised to me, to have very clear and focused VP's.

A critical aspect of your personal brand foundation is to appoint the first VP and decide both what you would like to see for the world (your vision) and then also your personal role in that world (purpose - or mission).

Your second VP - Values and Passions are your guiding lights that ensure you keep on track for the long term but more importantly become the beacons that you will not compromise. These are you true underlying motivators that get you fired up when its all heading in the right direction and upset or angry when you have to compromise them or they are challenged.

Take a values exercise by clicking HERE

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  • Hi Paul
    After finishing value exercise, I feel shivered with the anticipation of ‘every day challenge’ standing in front of me with three key value hanging in his hand.
    Either dare or fear – that’s how we can climb up the steps.
    Thanks for passing a challenge to create a difference.

  • Imran take
    small steps – think what can I do today to move that value forward.