The Apprentice – Week 12

A6_logo5 Down to the final 6 and split in to three teams they all had to work on 'selling and marketing' Trumps buildings in Las Vegas.

All followed a similar path, but James and Stefani managed to have a complete package by the end - great lesson for personal brand building - you need to have a full picture in order to have the most impact.

And boy did those two have an impact - they presented first and blew the competition away. They were slick, well rehearsed and the concepts were good. After that it went all down hill!

I can't say which one of the other two teams were worse, Trump must have been thinking about firing all four of them - they were justr awful!

In the end Heidi and Christine got fired, but it could easily have been Frank and Nicole - and past success did not count for anything - unless you are James and Stefani- because they are consistently performing at a high level.

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