“The Ultimate Brand is Your Name” – Alan Weiss

I had the good fortune to go and hear Alan Weiss at a local chapter meeting of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers the other night and he had some great words of wisdom about making a full time living from speaking - he has certainly got my mind racing in different directions again - damn him!

If you are thinking of starting or growing some income from speaking then you might be wise to take his 3 step planning approach as a start:

1. Name the top 3 strengths that you are known for?

2. What is the transfer mechanism you will use? - keynotes, coaching, training etc?

3. What are the 4 or 5 key results that people benefit from in hearing your message?

Very simple, but he said the biggest mistake of most speakers is they concentrate on getting acorss points 1 & 2 but forget 3.

He was very focused on the result for the client - what was the value being given in terms of improvement for the client.

Good advice, an enjoyable and informative evening - well worth the trek to the Airport!

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