Would You Buy A Used Car From This Person?

"She then took the opportunity to apprise prospective new employers of her job skills.

If any of you know of a good opening out there, let me know. I am smart, hard working, concientous and friendly."

This seems like an innocent enough statement made by someone who is keeping her options open regarding new employment opportunities.

Except it was a press conference held by the recently suspended Director of Municipal Licensing at Toronto City Council following the disclosure of her affair with a married sub-ordinate who had been promoted several times over a short period.

Certainly I beleive in innocent until proven guilty – but she was using 'corporate' e-mail to send notes to her lover and one assumes company time to do it too.

Crass stupidity was a trait she did not mention – but easily could of – this was not the time or place to tout her skills to prospective employers and shows a complete lack of judgement – something she has obviously a skill and track record for.

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