Would you like chips with that?

So my first ever visit to Las Vegas has come to an end, three positive and negative reflections;


  1. There is certainly not a shortage of visual stimulation, bright lights, shows, even the old game of people watching - many at no cost! Its interesting and often fun.
  2. The city and those working in the tourist industry know how to 'sell' Vegas, the customer service was good and people friendly and helpful, you certainly feel Welcome to Las Vegas
  3. One of the cleanest North American cities I have visited, enough that it was noticeable.


  1. The visual stimulation can eventually be overload, you almost wish for a serene lake, group of trees, clean 'real' air (with no smoke) and peace and quiet.
  2. Seeing somebody slumped over a slot machine at 5 am in the morning and evidently having been there all night seems sad to me.
  3. There is more to life than gambling and excess alcohol. Not being a party pooper by any means but lets balance a bit!


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