You’ve Got Mail

"Nothing is worth more than this day." - Johann Goethe

The average worker in north America now receives 54 e-mails at work each day, up 13% from 2002. About 40% of workers check their e-mail regularly on the weekend and 56% are reporting 'mental fatigue' from time wasting messages.
One thing I will not have done this week is look at my in box - once! This week I am on vacation, taking a week with the family at the tropical part of Canada - Pelee Island which is the southern most point of Canada and on the same latitude as Northern California - hopefully with similar warm weather!
It will be great to take a week away from work - no computers and hopefully no cell phones ringing! Also a time to clear the mind after a fairly intense period, I probably will not stop thinking about work entirely - I am not quite at the point of running my own business and switching off completely - but at least its with a clear head and no distractions.
I shall probably take my usual pad and pen to make any notes of ideas that occur, but certainly will not be taking any files with me - and no reading material related to work either. Just rest, relaxation and great family time. Happy summer! Its just the in box I return to that is not so much fun - 8 x 54 average = 432 e-mails - mmmmmmmmm!

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