3 Ways to Say ‘Thanks’ On LinkedIn at Any Time

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving – Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

You shouldn’t wait though for once a year to let your connections know you are thankful for them.

And it’s easy to do here on LinkedIn. 

1. Kudos – Have you heard about the Kudos feature in the LinkedIn App? As with many features on LinkedIn they are often the (best kept) secrets and Kudos is no exception.  It was announced with great fanfare back in June, I saw a burst of them and then…..crickets! Want to know more? Here is the link to their blog post https://blog.linkedin.com/2018/june/12/introducing… – NOTE – they have taken away the ribbon they mention because I think no-one knew what it was and now it simply says ‘Give Kudos’

2. Messaging – the much improved messaging on LinkedIn lets you know when someone is on the platform with the solid green dot. What a perfect excuse to reach our directly and thank that connection for something.

3. Recommendations & Endorsements – Someone impressed you? Skip the #kudos and endorse them for a few of the skills you saw them display or better yet take the time and write them a recommendation.

It doesn’t take much to say thanks – how do you like to do it on LinkedIn?  

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