A 72 Hour Cancellation Policy

We are planning a weekend trip to the US, bit of shopping and an excuse to get out and about.

I was trying to book a hotel on line – a very frustrating experience when you do not know the area you are going to – there must be something tourist areas can do to help that process?

I reserved a room at one hotel a day or so ago and then found a better deal and tried to cancel the first booking – only to be told that the hotel had a 72 hour cancellation policy, which I was told had been explained. It had and I was calling giving 98 hours notice, but NO it was actually 72 hours before the day of arrival!

Needless to say I was not impressed and after a strong but fair explanation of their incredibly unusual policy I was told that a refund would be forthcoming – originally they had wanted to charge me the full amount for the room and at best offered a credit!

It reminded me a little of a now infamous incident at a DoubleTree Inn that I understand now is no longer part of the chain. Here is a link to the presentation put together by two management consultants who had a bad experience at said hotel and sent it out to their contact list, which in turn resulted in something like 6 million reading the e-mail in 30 days!

DoubleTree Inn "The Incident"

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