A New Beginning

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"Talent is only the starting point." – Irving Berlin

Early in September will be the two year anniversary of the launch of Square Peg which to say the least have been exciting, inspiring, scary and above all the best thing I have ever done!
At the end of August I shall be taking a few days away on a business planning retreat to set some very clear focus on the next three years as well as laying some detailed plans for 2005. This will be the first time I have really taken time away from the business to plan in this detail and I am excited by the prospect.

Part of my planning has already been taking place with some changes implemented and more to come. From the start of September, Square Peg will have three main business areas – all still centered around the talent factor and enabling the right employment decisions to be made.

The format and content of the newsletter will be changing, in fact there will be two separate offerings – one will be a twice a month publication around the subject of Personal Branding and the other will be a weekly career development tip along with the very popular Career Blooper section as well as a digest of news in the medical industries.

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