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185x150_legacy_statuette Probably like many of you, I watched the Oscars last night – long enough to see Al Gore's documentary win, but not long enough to see Scorsese receive the consolation Oscar that he should have won a long time ago.

Al Gore's rise to popularity has been nothing short of amazing, but it is also a lesson in what not to do when building your personal brand.

When he was running for President, Gore struck me as a little stiff and almost unenthusiastic. But I have been reading aobut him a lot recently given the success of his film and that he was in Toronto last week to speak at en event where tickets were exchanging hands for more multiples of their face value than even hockey tickets – and that is saying something in Canada!

I do not remember his saying much about the environment during his campaigning in 2000 and certainly do not recollect his ability to articulate and command an audience as well as he is doing now. Yet he has been passionate about this subject for 30 years!

One of the key foundation pieces that we work on with clients in the personal branding process are Passions – if you are working in an area that you are passionate about, you are going to feel more engaged and focused and ultimately more successful. People will support what you are passionate about, want to be with you, connected to you, Gore is proving that right now – if he announces his candidacy he will have an increadilbe start to a campaign given his current level of 'brand awareness'.

But if you do not follow your passions – who loses?

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