And the winner is……….

I was just doing a little 'fun' surfing – actually to see how many web pages came up for each of the 3 main party leaders in the recent Ontario provincial election in a personal brand search.

John Tory the Conservative leader was by far in the lead with over 400,000 pages where as Dalton McGuinty and Howard Hampton had less than 2,000 each. It was not a reflection of the results though – McGuinty won a majority and Tory lost his seat – so much for Google value!

1 thought on “And the winner is……….”

  1. Harp Arora, Sedona Communications

    Very interesting, Paul. Umm, weren’t you curious about the Greens? 🙂
    Frank De Jong had 37,000 – blowing away both Dalton and Howard. And proving your point again in terms of election results. I have my theories! Cheers…Harp

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