Apprentice – Week 11

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A6_logo5_3 This week started off with Arrow questioning the loyalty of Tim – it became quite heated – you just knew if they lost that his head was going to be on the block.

They lost and he almost was saved by James covering his own skin by bringing Frank in to the mix of potential 'firees'.

But Tim made the same error as many have done in the boardroom, not being planned enough to articulate why they should be spared – especially this time – he know they were going to be gunning for him and he still was not clear enough, contradicted him self and then made a comment about Trump's daughter not allowing him to finish – I thought that alone was going to get him fired immediately but Trump resisted and prolonged his agony a little longer.

Its gettin down to the final couple of weeks now and the one that seem to be able to do a good job, survive and stay under the radar is Stefani – either see her go all the way or someone will try and eliminate her for their own good.

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