Apprentice – Week 3

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A6_logo5_2 I am really not enjoying this season of the Apprentice – the 'need' to put one team in 'Tent City' and then single them out for a guaranteed loss (at least for half the team) means their morale continues to go down and they will continue to look for scapegoats and reasons to blame others.

Meanwhile Team Kinetic are having the easiest time that I think any team have ever had on the show – lets hope there is some mixing up soon otherwise this show is going to continue to slide down the ratings.

Check out the first ever time someone has resigned at the Yahoo web site.

Michelle was not a great project manager – she had to be coerced by Trump to take the job and then basically ran it by vote on almost everything – she was too afraid to make decisions for fear of being the next to get the chop.

I admired the fact that she was prepared to stand up in the boardroom and resign, although I do not think she was strong enough with her reasons – the tent city thing was an insult to her and she should have said so more clearly Bottom line is that her team lost and the likelihood was she was going to be fired – so is resigning before you get fired better? Perhaps..

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