Apprentice – Week 4

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A6_logo5_4 At last Arrow wins – and by a big margin!

Kinetic's marketing strategy was awful, the two people in marketing should have been brought back to the boardroom and both fired!

In the end Marisa (one of the marketing team) got fired, but Derek should have been there too. If Marisa had spent more time arguing a logical case versus screaming and interupting she might have had a better chance of survival – but everyone in her team had tagged her for firing so she was on an uphill battle.

As for the winning project manager on Arrow, Aaron, he did have one good sales idea – sell bulk and it paid off big time – but in the boardroom he looked totally out of place – more like a kid in a candy store on Halloween than the right hand man to the Donald!

See more details at the official Apprentice blog at Yahoo

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