Are you a branded employee?


Tolerance is increasing for employees with tatoos according to a recent Challenger, Gray & Christmas survey and with 38% of 18-29 year olds and 32% of 30-45 year olds sporting some kind of body art the reaction that seeing an "I Love Mum" heart on someones sleeve or a discreet single earing is probably a lot more tempered than a few years ago, in fact in some industries it might also gain more of a reaction not to see something!

There may be some less painful but equally noticeable ways for you to become the branded employee:

1. Find an internal committee or association involved in something that is relevant and interesting to you and get active, even volunteer for an organizing or board position.  

2. Make changes to your desk and/or office space that reflect more of who you are and what you want to be known for.

3. If you have internal social media or employee profile pages make sure that it is regularly updated and positions you for the types of opportunities and projects that you are seeking internally.

What have you been able to do to be 'branded' internally? Add your toonies worth.




2 thoughts on “Are you a branded employee?”

  1. Agree with #1 as giving back to one’s community vs. branding oneself. Community Service (including internal committees) can have the side benefit of branding oneself, whether for the better or otherwise.
    Internal blogging and/or responding to comments is another way to illustrate your Brand of who you wish to be thought of as a person.As many know, anyone can purport to be anything online.
    Some claim that your “Brand” or reputation is what others say and/or think about you. Your actions often speak for you. Reputations are established by how you see yourself, what you say, what you do, and how/what others see of you and perceive what you do and what you say. Perception can be, though not necessarily, reality.

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