Are you being memorable enough?

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A good friend once said to me that on your birthday you should always try to do something you have never done before. It's a great philosophy.

My son Aidan turned 9 last weekend and he had a party for a handful of his friends. We had given him a few options, but one that seemed to really interest him was Circus School!

Well that certainly fell in the realm of doing something he had never done before, so we looked in to it and that is where we ended up.

We were not disappointed – The Zacada Circus School in Stoney Creek is run by ex-Cirque du Soleil people and the kids had an absolute blast.

They got to do many of the activities you would see at a show – including tight rope, aerial hoop and the finale the trapeze – 15 feet up in the air. My son even managed to stand up on it, whilst he was swinging!

As you can imagine, no-one wanted to leave – even all the adults!

The staff were great and really did everything to help the children relax and enjoy themselves – they wanted this to be memorable – after all word of mouth is going to be a good marketing tool for them.

Look how many people I have told now!

Are you leveraging those unique skills you have in a way that makes others experience of you memorable?

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