Are You Buzzing The Right Words?

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What does your tagline say about you? Is it clear and understandable by a 12 year old, or are there more buzzwords in it than a party political statement?

A survey of top executives by the staffing firm Accountemps has identified the top most annoying buzzwords currently in use – although thankfully by the very nature most fall out of use quickly, such as:

– A project that is 'on the runway'


– Someone wants to discuss a 'customer centric approach to increasing bandwidth

Where buzzwords start can sometimes be a mystery, but speculation is that its generally from the tech sector, media or the boardroom – but once they make it to the mainstream they get dumped (not brain dumped!) and new buzzwords have to be found.

In fact a web site created to simplify buzzwords called is actually used by some to find new buzzwords to add to their vocabulary.

But it is a fine line between choosing language that is up with the times and resonates to one that you think clarifies an idea that is too sophisticated to be explained using simple words.

Next time you look to deliver a message check it twice for buzzwords – just to make sure that you are practicing 'synergy' and 'accountability management' and are 'getting on the same page' with your message about what you do, for who and the outcome.

"I help career professionals and business owners get clear on who they are and what they do for whom and then use my creative ability to find the right resources, networks and alliances to help produce solid action and excellent performance"

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