Are You Considering Your Invisible Branding?

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Zag Just received an e-mail from Neutron, the agency run by Marty Neumeier the author of The Brand Gap and Zag – two highly interesting and thought provoking brand books – definitely recommended reads.

This e-mail was talking about 'Invisible Branding' and the fact that most people in business to business, which includes professional services, do not have the 'luxury' of the consumer companies when promoting and communicating their brands.

They do not reap the reward of advrtising, web presence, point of sale etc etc.

Instead they have to be very much better at the invisible branding side – things such as a strong CEO vision, building customer relationships and effective employee training.

How does that work for you in professional services? Do you have some of these invisible items in place, or is it something you need to be working on?

What I really like about Marty is he is willing to share – so much so that he calls these monthly e-mails Steal This Idea. Go right ahead and take him up on hbis offer and download the one page slide and post it where you can see it and start to consider the invisible.

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