Are you delivering your brand promise?

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Shopping online is something we do now on a regular basis, but as more companies move toward this business model they need to ensure that they are delivering on the promises they make. One of those 'unwritten' promises is if its an online purchase then the expected speed of response and ease of use is almost a given.

But based on three recent online experiences that is not always the case:

  • EXCEPTIONAL – The first order placed with Spier & Mackay were the wrong size (my fault), immediate response, returned and new ones sent the next day – no extra charge.
  • GOT IT RIGHT – SO FAR – Registering to just consider using Grocery Gateway and they have followed up with offer e-mails, reminders etc – but not pushing or sending excessive messages, probably means I will try them.
  • BIG FAIL – ordered a rush printed t-shirt for a teacher gift from Wordans, poor customer service response times, 7 emails back and forth to get an unsatisfactory response. Finally they left it to me to sort out the dleivery issue and did not even bother to follow up to see if it was resolved. Will not be using them again and just told a few people about it.

When you are looking to deliver on your personal brand using the internet, make sure that you are delivering on what you say your brand is, it cannot just be once, it has to be every time someone comes in to contact with your personal brand.

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