Are You Getting the Full Story on LinkedIn?


Just like many other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn is not giving you all the stories or even the latest posts and updates from your network, far from it.

What you are actually seeing on your LinkedIn home page are the top stories and posts (and sponsored updates). So even though you might be thinking that Joe So-and-So has disappeared, they haven’t, its just LinkedIn has decided they are NOT ‘interesting’ enough.

So here is how to find the latest posts and updates AND also discover where Pulse disappeared to as well! 

Step 1 – Go to your Home page and look for 3 small grey dots near the top of the page on the right – like in this screen shot below;

Step 2 – Click on the grey buttons and what you will see are choices of Top Updates or Recent Updates – the default is Top Updates.

Step 3 Click on the Recent Updates you will be taken to the latest updates and posts by your network.  What you will also see is a grey newspaper and three stories from the LinkedIn Pulse network.

This is where Pulse has gone, it used to be a drop down on the top menu on your home page.  If you click on the newspaper that will take you to Pulse where you can see the latest from the people you chose to follow – hopefully I am one of them – if not my latest Pulse articles on personal branding can be accessed from this link

And a quick way to get to Pulse is to bookmark this URL –

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