Are you happy in your job?

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Humans are fascinated with lists and two recent lists that were published in Forbes recently were no exception;

The Ten Happiest Jobs; 

  1. Clergy
  2. Firefighters
  3. Physical therapists
  4. Authors
  5. Special education teachers
  6. Teachers
  7. Artists
  8. Psychologists
  9. Financial services sales agents
  10. Operating Engineers

But to some of these ten, this could actually be the 10 Most Hated Jobs – it all depends on perspective. 

In truth any job could be the happiest job – FOR YOU! the key is ensuring that it is a match for the things that matter most to you and are a complement to your unique skills and strengths. This is the key to being true to your personal brand and finding work that frankly does not feel like it. 

It is interesting to see that the 10 most hated list does have a higher proportion of more senior and technical roles versus the more softer, supportive roles in the happy list. There could be reasons; 

– Expectations and pressures are higher

– As promotions happen and attachment (or reliance) to salary and benefits increases there is more likelihood to compromise

– Most of these roles are more technical in nature and require constant learning and change

Now is your job on the 10 Most Hated Jobs………?

  1. Director of Information Technology
  2. Director of Sales and Marketing
  3. Product Manager
  4. Senior Web Developer
  5. Technical Specialist
  6. Electronics Technician
  7. Law Clerk
  8. Technical Support Analyst
  9. CNC Machinist
  10. Marketing Manager


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