Are You Martha Stewart? or Stuart?

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Martha Stewart is 64 today and has just been told she has to serve 3 more weeks house confinement due to a breach of her conditions (she went to an outside yoga class!)

This has not stopped her however in re-building her brand – including the launch of two new TV shows – The Apprentice and also a daytime show Martha.

For the 2nd show she is trying to find 150 other Martha Stewarts ( or other spellings of the surname) to fill the audience for one of the shows.

Google searches for both names reveal 7,970,000 hits for Martha Stewart and 20,200 hits for Martha Stuart – interestingly in both cases is the top placing in both searches – so someone is working hard to keep her ranking up there.

You might not have to work as hard to get your web domain up there if you were Googled – but first you have to own your domain do it now, go buy it, before there is another 150 of you and you slip in to obscurity!

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