Are You Ready For Change?

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The latest figures for camera sales are out in Canada and to noone's surprise the onslaught of digital continues – technology improves almost daily, prices drop and sales continue to rise.

Could you have forseen this 5 or 10 years ago?

Certainly the likes of Kodak and even Fuji did not – the latter just announcing a further 5,000 job cuts globally as the demand for traditional film and camaeras drops like a stone.

So who wins in this environment?

Interestingly the print shops do! The demand for colour prints continues to rise as time pressures continue to force us to look at easier more convenient options that lining up the printer, making very expensive mistakes and paying exorbitent prices for printer cartridges – the option to download your prints to the local Future Shop, Blacks or Business Depot and then even have them delivered to your home seems much more appealing.

If your job or business is under threat from technology – what positives can you find from adversity?
How can you still make a viable living from the challenges of technology?

Think outside the box.

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