Are You Ready for the NO Technology Challenge?


In one of his keynotes, social media entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk asks the audience about their watch wearing habits.

Of course as you would probably expect most people in the audience, the millennials, under 30 are not wearing a watch, their watch is their smartphone, and camera, and recording device, and computer, and,,,,, and,,,, and,,,,, and………..

He then asks if the technology were available now to implant your smartphone in to your arm who would have it done. About 10% of the audience say they would. And next year he says, it will be 25%.

One fact, in this very fast moving social media facts video from Erik Qualman, is that 53% of millennials would rather lose their sense of smell than their technology.


So you might be surprised to hear that the two words my teenagers WILL NEVER utter this week, even though they do not have their technology or any wifi access are

“I’m bored”

For the past few years our family has gone on a one week vacation at Camp Wanakita.  In today’s hyper connected world what was perhaps a little more unusual was in the first year it was the kids who had deemed the week a ‘No Technology’ zone.

The first year was a little hard but certainly not a case of ‘Survivor’  – we survived!

In fact we thrived and even lived a little more.

Not every family at the camp had made the same decision. But overall it was a really enjoyable and fun experience, not to feel tied to an e-mail or phone call or a social media update.

It’s a traditional camp in many ways, communal meal times, singing for our food, themed dinner, talent night, campfires and silly eating contests.

Each year we also get to try new activities and sports, that perhaps in other situations we may not have got off the sun lounger, or dragged ourselves away from the screen, to try.

This is the week now that the kids refuse to miss for anything. I often will only see them at meal times and they are outside from morning until late in to the evening.

We even get up every morning at 7.30 am to take a swim in the lake and earn our Polar Bear Dip badge! We are 5 year veterans now.

The ‘rules’ have changed a little, in that the kids do have their phones to take pictures and text to find each other around camp.

The first year we went parents could be seen early in the morning leaning out from the dock over the lake trying to get a cell signal. Now its fairly easy to get a signal although it can be spotty still and it never seems that much of a temptation.

Technology is our world, it has spawned many wonderful advances and improvements. For the millennials, my kids and future generations it will drive, and in some ways dictate, their communication and of course it is a highly useful tool for the management of your personal brand.

But there are certainly times and opportunities to not use it and have a greater personal impact and reward. To take the tagline from the Mastercard ad’s;

  • iPhone 6 – $700
  • Yearly cell plan – $800
  • Not having technology for a week at camp and reconnecting PRICELESS

I hope you get a chance to do the same.

From my family to yours enjoy your summer everyone

Have you ever tried a tech no-go zone on your vacations?

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