Are you really leveraging your strengths?

Never underestimate your strengths. The things that you do so naturally are sometimes ignored.

Very often the skills that we use every day that come to us so easily are the ones that we almost take for granted. Because they really are no effort for us we run the risk of not leveraging them as much as we should.

Others see those unique skills much more clearly and because they are only exposed to them once in a while they place a much greater value on them than even we do.

Do not underestimate your key skills. Identify them or ideally get others to do that for you, appreciate them and make them work for you every day in every interaction.

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4 thoughts on “Are you really leveraging your strengths?”

  1. Paul…
    Your observation is what I also see. We all ignore them because, as you point out, we take the skills for granted. In addition, Canadians are fairly modest creatures.
    Well spoken and worth at least a Toonie!

  2. Thx Brian –
    and it’s not just we Canadians who are modest. I see this with many new
    Canadians who have been brought up in cultures where it would be considered rude
    to talk about what you are good at. And my old country has more of a reputation
    to put down rather than build up!

  3. Great advice and certainly worth a toonie. I have a job interview for a position in Germany in the next week and I’m going to tell them what I’m good at in a somewhat modest but forthright fashion. Paul, thanks for this simple but powerful tip!

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