Are You Running Up Against the Commercial Use Search Limit on LinkedIn?

Commercial limit

BUT I want to do more searches! With a number of changes over the last several months LinkedIn has also appeared to be playing with how many searches you can conduct. This has always been the case with free accounts but now it seems the same applies to some of the Premium accounts too.

What is more frustrating is that there does not seem to be any definitive number, I have found with my own Premium account that I can run up to this limit just before my renewal date is, but other months it can be in the first few days and I don’t seem to be doing anything different!

Here are some solutions …..
1. Alumni searches do not seem to be limited. Obviously you need to have gone to the University or College to be be able to do this, but some alumni numbers are in the 100’s of thousands. It is also one of the ‘warmest’ ways to reach out to someone.

2. If you are a member of a Group, go to the Members list and then search for the title of the type of person you are looking to connect to. Its not perfect as the title needs to be in their name or headline but most people do this. It also only returns 10 results.

3. There is also a tool that you can use that delivers different results each time, again numbers are limited – Again this is not ideal but if you are blocked from more searches it is something.

What other ways have you found to get past the commercial use limit? 

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