Are You Twittering, Tweeting or Just Being a Twit?

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Twitter_logo_s Some of you will know that I have recently taken up on Twitter, if not and you are on there you can follow me by clicking HERE. Most of you might not even know what it is.

Well I am still learning and trying to figure out Twittetiquette or whatever you might call it and who to follow, or not. The one thing I do not seem to be short of is something to say! But saying the right thing is important especially when thanking someone for the follow.

There is a great blog post over at Altitude Branding by Amber Nasland – she has written about the fact that people are using the thank you as a way of starting to sell their services or products – check it out, its good advice and also some of the hilarious comments at Thanks for Following – Now Click on My Junk it will bring a smile to your weekend, or, like I did, even get you laughing out loud – which is all good, right?!

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