Are You Using the Mini-Profile Feature in LinkedIn Groups?

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Is That Commenter Someone You Want to Know?

If you are regularly involved in Groups (if you are not you should be), often you will see a comment by someone in a post and want to know a little bit more about them but are not ready to look at their full profile, or you do not want to navigate away from the Group.

Now there is a solution! 

Now if you hover…..your cursor over the persons name a mini box pops up, like the one in the image above, that gives you a min-profile summary of the individual and some very useful information.

It will tell you;

  • their work experience summary
  • when they joined the group
  • who invited or added them to the group
  • their industry
  • their location
  • three skills
  • three other groups they belong to

Often this might be enough for you to know if its a profile you want to take a longer look at and maybe connect. Then you can Right Click or Command to open their profile in a new browser.

It may not seem a big deal but……..

I am very active in a few groups and am interested in who else is in the conversation as they might be good connections or prospects. If I had to fully check each profile it would add hours to my week. It does not work for everyone you check (this might be due to their privacy settings) but for many it gives me that quick snapshot and helps me decide.

How might you use this mini-profile feature? 

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