At Least We’re Not West Virginia

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On the recent long weekend in Canada, we took a trip down to New Jersey. Not my favourite place after spending a night sleeping at Newark airport just a couple of weeks previously – my view of the state was to say the least a little tainted.

When I was doing some pharaceutical recruitment I also had a number of candidates who were considering moves to New Jersey head offices for companies like Pfizer and Wyeth and even their perceptions were not great.

My colleague William Arruda was telling me that one of the late night show hosts recently was commenting on New Jersey's recent campaign to re-work its tagline to "Come See for Yourself" – apparently a close 2nd was "At Least We Are Not West Virginia"

It is interesting how quickly perceptions can change based on new information – my perception now of New Jersey really is now 'come see for yourself' and if you have a career move opportunity for a medical company – check it out thoroughly – you might surprise yourself.

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