Bring Your Passions to Work

When you are able to incorporate a passion that you have in to the work you do it makes for a an even more engaging experience.

Office Postcards

When you run your own business this of course can be a whole lot easier. You decide what you want to.  For the last year or so I have taken up running again and also do the annual climb for cancer in May. This winter has been much more of a struggle to get out and run. I have a group of fellow coaches and consultants who network and help to encourage each other. If you are at a larger place of work you can do this with a group of colleagues and here are some great suggestions about working out at work in a recent article.

I have worked with numerous clients who have been able to do something similar with their passion.

One client loved to travel but only had limited vacation and wanted to be sure that when she did travel it was to places she had some knowledge of. She ended up using her colleagues as an unofficial Trip Advisor group.  She encouraged people to send postcards to her at work from where ever they went on vacation. She posted the cards on her office walls and cabinets and when the person returned they came to see where their card ended up. She was then able to ask them a lot more about their trip and others got involved in the conversation or added their experiences.  Then when it came time for her next vacation she was able to use that to choose her next destination.

The added bonus was she became much better known in the company, people came to her for advice and she was able to raise her profile with people that otherwise might never have known who she was.

What about your passion? How can you bring this to work and make it part of your routine?


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