Building Your On Line Personal Brand

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September and October have been busy months for me in speaking about personal branding – there has been a surge of interest from both professionals and small business owners.

The number on question, perhaps not surprisingly, has been "How do I build my personal brand on line?" – or words to that effect. Everyone is hearing about Facebook, MySpace, getting 'Googled' and they want to know one of three things;

  1. Is it something they should be aware of and doing something about?
  2. Is it something they should be afraid of?
  3. Is is something they should even be worried about?

The answer could be YES to any one of these – it all depends on the individual.

What I decided to do about it was to create something that helped people cut through all the hype that is out there and decide for themselves based on their own brand if its for them and what they can do in easy to take, actionable steps to raise their on line brand.

Take a look for yourself here – as a blog reader you can even take advantage of the special e-newsletter subscriber price up until October 31st.

"Google ME! – how to build your online personal brand in 10 easy action steps"

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