The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Buzzwords

LinkedIn’s Marketing team have tried to be creative and topical by linking the words that drive them mad as marketers and the NCAA March Madness bracketing.

This really is a case of good and bad;

Good and Bad words used.

Good and Bad Marketing strategies .

I have probably lost a few readers already because unless you are an American college basketball fan the chances are the bracket and maybe even March Madness means nothing to you.

This is a classic example of a global company (550 million users) catering to their home market (111 million users) and ignoring over 80% of their audience.

Here is the blog link if you really are interested in seeing which word wins ––whats-the-most-overused-buzzword-

Still, it might be worth taking a look at your LinkedIn profile and other places where you describe yourself such as bios and resumes to ensure you are not driving us all mad!

Or you may want the list for a game of lingo-bingo for the next boring meeting!

One useful tool to see which words in your profile are more prominent is creating a word cloud using tools like 

Download a PDF of your profile: 

1. Go to your profile

2. Click on the More.. button below your headshot. 

3. Click save to PDF. 

Then upload the PDF to wordclouds and create. 

Here is the list of the 64 buzzwords and the four categories LinkedIn put them under;


Disruption, Cloud-Based, Utilize, Leverage, Silos, Omnichannel, Paradigm, Agile.


Best Practice, Experiential, Actionable, Martech, Big Data, Turnkey, Value-add, Scalable.


Synergy, Holistic, Low-hanging Fruit, Snackable, Smarketing, Customer-centric, Authentic, Bandwidth.


Ecosystem, Influencer, Growth Hacks, Guru, Viral, Brandividual, Keyword Density, Storytelling,

Do any of these buzzwords drive you mad, or are there others? Comment below. Thanks

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